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Calendar of Events

JUNE                     Saturday       6th    T-Plex Open House

Saturday     20th    T-Plex Open House

Sunday        21st    Detroit Yacht Club Antique Car & Boat Show.  Remember to register with Bill Heller at 734 634-2700


JULY                      Thursday     2nd     CityFest first day.  Model Ts and drivers needed to provide free rides from The New Center to Piquette.  Runs July 2 through July 5, 2009

                               Saturday       4th    T-Plex Open House

                               Sunday        5th     CityFest last day.

                               Saturday     11th    Pot Luck Picnic on Belle Isle

                               Saturday     18th    T-Plex Open House


AUGUST                Saturday       1st    T-Plex Open House

                               Saturday     15th    T-Plex Open House

                               Saturday     22nd    Antique Car and Outboard Motor Exhibition and Cook-Out, Ford Lake in Ypsilanti


SEPTEMBER         Saturday       5th    T-Plex Open House

                               Friday          11th    T-Plex Annual Pre-Old Car Festival Party

                               Saturday     12th    Old Car Festival - Day 1, Greenfield Village

                               Sunday        13th    Old Car Festival - Day 2, Greenfield Village

                               Saturday     19th    T-Plex Open House

                              Liepelt II Workshop- Day 1 - Maintenance and Repair

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Rear axle, front axle, frame, steering gear, wheels, et cetera.  Cost is $185.00.

Sunday        20th    Liepelt II Workshop  - Day 2 - Maintenance and Repair

                        If you cannot make it on Saturday, join us on Sunday for the same program.


OCTOBER             Saturday     3rd      T-Plex Open House

                               Saturday     17th    Last T-Plex Open House of the year

                                                            Fall Tour in the Plymouth - Ann Arbor and Dexter Area.

                                    Liepelt III Workshop- Day 1 - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, $185 - Engine and transmission

                               Sunday        18th    Liepelt III Workshop - Day 2 - Engine and transmission


NOVEMBER                                        No events planned at this time.  Any suggested activities?


DECEMBER           Tuesday      TBD   Second Annual Year End - Holiday and Solstice Party at Z’s Villa on Piquette.


Help support T-Plex by donating your time and energy.  Volunteers are needed during the dates of the open houses above.  For more information contact Dick Rubens.  E-mail: RichardRubens@aol.com  Phone: 313-410-9845


If you have an event you would like to have listed contact the webmaster.

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