Taste Fest 2006

Some of our young passengers enjoy their ride.


July 1 - 4, 2006

The Piquette Ts provided Model T rides to many of the participants in this year's New Center Taste Fest. Model T touring cars were provided by Mike Skinner, (1921) John Forster (1922) and Thomas Mullin (1916). Drivers were Randy Mason, John Forster and Thomas Mullin. During the four days of the Taste Fest, the Piquette Ts ferried approximately 100 people between the T-Plex tent at the Taste Fest and the Piquette Plant. Rides were offered between 11:30 am and 4:30 pm each day; sometimes the last return trip was nearly 5:00 pm. Everyone who took the Model T ride enjoyed it greatly, whether they were young and never saw a Model T before to the older people who remembered riding in Model Ts as children. Many stopped to talk to the drivers when they returned to the T-Plex tent. Next year we plan to advertise more widely and have a few more cars and drivers available. One goal of the rides was to entice people to visit the T-Plex. A portion of the passengers did stay for the Piquette plant tour and had a great time. The T-Plex guides treated every person as special and tailored the tour to suit. Some of the people spent over two hours at the plant and are likely to become active members of the T-Plex. ---Tom Mullin
Our dedicated staff --- Marilyn and John
John Forster's 1922 touring and Tom Mullin's 1916 touring
Thanks for the T Ride!